Letter Writing for Gender-Affirming Healthcare

From 12pm ET until 1:30pm ET

At Online - via Zoom

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If you have some experience in working with trans, non-binary clients, yet you feel unsure about how to go about writing a mental health referral letter for your clients to access gender-affirming care, this training is for you!

Clients seeking access to gender-affirming healthcare (including cross-hormone treatment and various surgical procedures) are typically required to get 1 or more referral letters from mental health professionals.  Unfortunately, far too often, these individuals struggle with finding providers who feel comfortable writing these letters, which causes harmful barriers and delays in accessing affirming and life-saving treatment.  

Far too often, members of this community experience harmful gatekeeping in accessing the affirming and life-saving services they need.

In this 90 minute interactive webinar, you will be given the information you need to be able to provide a referral letter for gender-affirming healthcare, which will leave you feeling confident in providing this valuable service for your clients. In our time together, you will:

  • Understand the harms that gatekeeping creates for trans/non-binary clients experience in accessing gender-affirming treatment, and the the ways in which we can avoid replicating this in our own practices
  • Learn about the WPATH Standards of care, and understand how to navigate using the SOC in conjunction with insurance policies, physician's requirements to help write letters that will be successful in getting approvals for gender-affirming healthcare.
  • Up to date information about specific guidelines for clients with Husky/CT Medicaid insurance in accessing gender-affirming healthcare. 
  • Tips for advocacy with insurance companies in navigating denials for gender-affirming surgeries.

We will also have ample time for Q&A, to address your specific questions about how to apply this knowledge to your practice. 


This is a live webinar which is not being recorded. You are encouraged to bring any and all questions you have about this process to this training. 


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Writing Referral Letters for Gender-Affirming Healthcare

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