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People who are trans, non-binary, or gender questioning are in need of affirming competent clinical care from mental health professionals.  Unfortunately, so many of us didn’t get a foundational knowledge of gender diversity in our grad school programs, and it’s not always easy to find trainings available on this topic. This results in people in the trans/NB communities experiencing a lot of frustrating, harmful experiences when they try to engage in therapy.

In this engaging, interactive, live webinar, you will be given a foundational knowledge of the diverse array of gender identities, gender expressions, and transition options for clients of all ages.  I’ve created this training with actionable information that’s applicable to work with clients across the life span.  We’ll start off with an exploration of gender diversity and elements of identity, to help us then understand how expressions of gender diversity in the context of personal, interpersonal, and societal experiences.  Along the way you’ll be given practical, actionable tips to implement in your practices, to create affirming and impactful clinical experiences for clients of various gender identities.

I design my webinars to be FUN, engaging, and worthwhile, because I’m passionate about creating great training experiences for my colleagues. My aim is for you as a participant to engage with this information in a way that allows to be a great clinical ally to your gender diverse clients. In that spirit, all participant questions will be addressed without judgment or shaming.

Learning objectives for this training include:

-Learn about the multitude of gender identities, expressions and conceptualize them as existing on a spectrum, rather than a binary. Including emphasis on non-binary, agender, genderfluid identities and expressions.

 -Differentiate between sexuality and gender identity. Explore the relationship between the two to help participants understand how this impacts interpersonal and romantic relationships.

-Understand cisnormativity and implicit bias as they pertain to personal, societal challenges including barriers to treatment and access to resources.

--Understanding the unique concerns for this community at each phase of life, including impact of gender exploration, transition on romantic relationships, and family dynamics.

- Learn basics of transition options, including legal, social and medical.  Clarification on what distinguishes trans-affirming healthcare from elective or cosmetic procedures.

 -Identify action steps that participants can start incorporating to make their practice more inclusive and affirming of all gender identities.

Registration includes access to the live webinar, as well as supplemental learning materials to help you continue in this important work after this training.  And finally, $10 of every registration will be donated to the New Haven Pride Center.

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Affirming Gender Diversity in Treatment: An Introductory Training

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