Becoming You and Making Space

Growing more into yourself and what matters to you inevitably means that some people will not want to stick around. Sometimes people don’t like the new, improved version of yourself.

It seems counterrintuitive, doesn’t it?  You would think that growing and changing would mean nothing but positive things in your life!

They have their reasons. Maybe they feel threatened by you improving yourself. I know this sounds weird, but the thing is, sometimes the people in your life have benefited from the smaller version of yourself. If you’re someone who’s always been a people pleaser, then of course people stop and notice when you start saying no and setting limits.  And they’re not pleased.

Sometimes people fall out of your life when you’re becoming more of your true self  because your changes are unintentionally making them feel bad. Seeing you making changes in your life to be more confident, more alive, amoxil-info net them exactly how much they’re staying the same and not taking those chances.

Whatever it is, know that it’s gonna hurt a bit, but really it’s ok. The thing is, it’s really not entirely negative.  Losing some people in your life who no longer jive with the new and improved version of you is a natural consequence of evolution.  When people leave your life as you step into a truer version of yourself, they’re making space for new people and experiences to come into your life.  People and experiences you can’t even imagine at the moment.

So, take heart; growing and changing into a truer version of you is really really fantastic, and yet it’ll entail some massive life changes.