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More than ever, people identifying as transgender or gender questioning are in need of compassionate, competent clinical care from mental health professionals.  Unfortunately, so many of us didn’t get a foundational knowledge of gender diversity in our grad school programs, and it’s not always easy to find trainings available on this topic. This results in a lot of unmet need within the trans community.

In this engaging, interactive, live webinar, you will be given a foundational knowledge of the diverse array of gender identities, gender expressions, and transition options for clients of all ages.  I’ve created this training with actionable information that’s applicable to work with clients across the life span; you’ll leave with knowledge that you can start putting to use right after this training’s over.

This isn’t a typical webinar where you’ll be talked at, disengaged and bored to tears. I design my webinars to be FUN, engaging, and worthwhile, because I’m passionate about creating great training experiences to help my colleagues be able to provide affirming, inclusive, treatment experiences for the trans community.

Registration includes access to the live webinar, as well as supplemental learning materials to help you continue in this important work after this training.  And finally, your registration helps the trans community; 10% of every registration will be donated to the for the Gworls rent and gender-affirming surgery fund. This fund assists black trans people cover costs of rent and gender-affirming surgeries.

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Trans 101: An Introduction to Transgender Affirming Care