Transgender affirmative care for individuals and their loved ones

For trans-identified teens and adults

Even in these times, people experience a tremendous pressure to conform to what society expects of us based on our biological sex.  Sadly, for most, it’s just still not safe to fully explore any gender expression or identity that’s different from what society tells you to be. This is why I have a particular passion for helping people find a safe space to explore gender identity, expression, and how these things impact situations at home, work, school, and relationships.

Some common questions and issues that come up in treatment may include:

“Ok, I think I’m trans, but I don’t want to get surgery.. Does that mean I’m not trans?”

“I know I’m trans but I just don’t know how to come out to my parents/work/partner”

“I don’t really feel 100% either gender, I think I fall somewhere in between.”

“I don’t know how to figure out a transition plan at my job.”

“I’m having a hard time with wanting to physically transition, and risk losing my partner/spouse”

“My head is spinning trying to figure out what steps come in what order in my transition process. I’m overwhelmed”.

For family members, friends, loved ones of trans-identified individuals

When someone you know and love transitions, you transition as well in many ways.  It is important to know there’s support for you as well.  I provide therapy for loved ones of trans-identified, gender questioning, gender variant people to provide a safe space to explore all kinds of thoughts, feelings, and reactions.  Common questions and concerns include:

”How do I support my child who’s just come out as trans?”

”I totally support my trans-identified child, but I’m worried about their safety, their future and I’m afraid to tell them that.”

“I’m really not sure I want to stay in a relationship with my spouse if they physically transition. I have lots of concerns and questions about what this means about my sexuality if we stay together”

”How do I get better informed about the transition process, without invading my friend’s privacy? What questions are not okay for me to ask them?”


Additionally, Transitions Therapy LLC is also now hosting The SPOT: a free support group for spouses and partners of trans folk.  Please see the events page for more details.