It’s all valid

I want to put this out there because it’s so important for you to hear. So often I hear people doubting themselves and their transition goals because of other people’s experiences or input.

“I don’t want surgery, so I guess I’m not trans”

“Well she transitioned this way, in this order, so I have to do the same thing.”

“I’m gender non-binary, so I guess I shouldn’t do hormones or surgery.”

(Disclaimer: these are not actual client quotes; these are just examples).

Unfortunately I often hear that people are receiving this kind of feedback from within the trans community.  

Here’s what I need you to know; YOU are in charge of your transition process. Your process looks exactly like however YOU want it. YOU determine the pacing, the steps, and the how of it all. You can decide to do nothing to transition as well.

You are NO less Transgender for wanting or needing to do it differently than someone else. This is your life; no one else can fully understand your circumstances the same way you do, so why let anyone else dictate your gender identity, gender expression, or transition?