Here’s some commonly asked questions and answers about Transitions Therapy LLC

New Client Information

Below are documents that provide important information regarding the policies and procedures of Transitions Therapy LLC.  If you’ve provided an email address during your consultation call with me, you’ll be provided with a link to your client portal, which will give you access to all of the documents below to sign electronically.  If for some reason you have not received your email, it would be very helpful for you to read and review these documents prior to your first appointment.

If you have any questions or concerns about information contained in these documents, please call Sarah A. Gilbert, LCSW of Transitions Therapy LLC at 860-884-8372 before you sign the consent to treat form.
Disclosure and Informed Consent
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
Consent to Treat

Q: How does this therapy thing work?
Therapy is a highly individualized process; before you call you’ll want to have some idea of what’s concerning you, what you want to change, or what you’d like support with.  When we first meet, I’ll be gathering more information about your current situation, as well as some of your history, to get a sense of what will be most helpful for you.  That being said (or written, I guess..) it’s a collaborative process; meaning you and I will work together to identify a plan of action that works best for you. This isn’t about me telling you how to live your life, or what would be best for you.

Q: What’s the bathroom situation at your office?
A: There are several options for you in my office building.  There are sex-specific, single person bathrooms on the first floor.  On the 2nd floor (the floor my office is on) there are multiple person sex-specific bathrooms on one end of the hall, (near the elevator) and a gender neutral/unisex bathroom on the other end of the hall.

Q: Can I change into clothing to present in line with my gender identity at your office, for my sessions?
A: 100% yes.  You have several options to do this.  You can change in the bathrooms that I’ve described in the answer above, or you are welcome to change in my office prior to our appointment.  It’s important to me that you know that you are welcome to present HOWEVER you would like for our time together.

Q: Can I have a friend, partner/spouse, or parent come with me for any sessions?
A: Absolutely, in fact this is often  helpful.  Often clients I work with will bring in someone for a session or two to help them better understand their experiences, learn how to be better supports, or just to improve the relationship overall.  In fact, this is why you’re asked if you’d like anyone to be involved in your treatment in your intake questionnaire.

Q: Can I come in just for assessments to get a letter for HRT or surgery? If so, how many sessions do I need to have with you?
A: Yes, I regularly provide assessments for trans-identified individuals for the purposes of getting a referral letter for HRT or gender-affirming surgeries.  It’s totally fine for you to let me know that’s all your looking for, rather than ongoing therapy.  Really,  no hard feelings.   My work is guided by the WPATH standards of care, version 7.  As such, I do not have a set number of sessions someone needs to attend before I’ll write a letter, because every situation is unique. I do my best to provide thorough assessments without excessive gatekeeping, because I believe that people need and deserve the easiest access to their healthcare as soon as possible.  Please note: if I am providing a second referral letter for you, you will be asked to sign a release of information for me to be able to contact the provider who’s written your first letter, to collaborate on this assessment for your readiness for surgery.

Q: So, you write letters; great… Do you charge for them?
A: No I do not.  I work with you collaboratively during our sessions to create your letter, so you are not billed for the letters in excess of whatever you are paying for your session through insurance, or out of pocket, for your session. I believe in helping my trans clients get access to the healthcare they need without being cost-prohibitive.

Q: Do you help with any paperwork gender marker changes?
A: Yes; feel free to bring your forms to your session. So long as it doesnt’ require an MD or PhD signature, I can help you with that.