Together and Transitioning: How couples navigate a partner’s transition journey


From 9am until 12pm

Online - live webinar


There are 20 seat available.


In this training, you'll learn about the unique experiences, challenges, and opportunities within relationships including individuals who are trans-identified.  This is an interactive, engaging training experience. 

After this training, you will be able to:

-Identify and discuss the unique interpersonal stressors and experiences within relation-ships in which partners are co-transitioning; i.e. a relationship in which one partner identifies as transgender and is undergoing social, medical, or legal transition. 

-Identify the negative effects of unexamined privilege, biases in working with clients who identify as transgender on the clinical relationship.

-Analyze the interplay of gender identity, roles, and presentation and sexual identities within romantic relationships.  Using recent research as a reference point, we will discuss and explore how these factors contribute to varying experiences of relationship satisfaction and longevity, and trans-identified partners’ mental health outcomes.

-Apply knowledge from this workshop to tailor your clinical skills, interventions to create an inclusive and affirming therapeutic experience for transgender individuals and their loved ones. 


At this time, CEC's are not available for this live webinar.



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