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This training is suitable for mental health professionals who already have some experience in working with transgender, non-binary and gender questioning clients.  This full day training goes more in depth than my Trans 101 training to explore ways in which you can support clients through social, legal, and medical transition.  Specifically, this training will help you learn:

  • Stages of development in gender identity; how to identify what stage clients are at when they come into your practice, and how to best support their needs at that time
  • Detailed information of medical transition options such as cross-hormone treatment and gender affirming surgeries
  • An overview of how we as providers can provide thorough mental health assessments of clients seeking gender-affirming surgeries, to provide letters of support without gatekeeping
  • Information on navigating legal transition steps (name, gender markers on identification) in CT.
  • A review of DSM 5 diagnosis of gender dysphoria, and its clinical presentations in the context of other co-occurring experiences.

Registration fee includes training materials and access to private zoom link for this training as well as CEC certificate upon completion of training and post-training survey.

This training is pending re-approval for 6 Cultural Competency CEC’s through NASW/CT

All participants receive a free 30 minute clinical consultation from Sarah Gilbert, LCSW


There are 2 people coming.

There are 13 places available.

Trans 201: Advanced Practices in Serving the Trans Community

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