Author your identity.


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I help motivated, resilient people explore their gender identities and feel confident in uniquely expressing their true selves to the world, so they can move from a life of “shoulds” to a life of self-love.

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Trans adults
Maybe you’re just starting to allow yourself to question your gender identity, and how or if you want to express it to the outside world.  Maybe you’ve been crystal clear on your trans identity for years, or decades, but life circumstances prevented you from doing anything about it until now.  Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to come out to your family, spouse/partner, or at work.  Maybe you’re just looking for a referral letter for hormones or surgery.  Whatever it is you’re looking for, I’m here to help. Everyone’s exploration of gender identity and transition is unique, and the last thing I’m here to do is tell you how to do this trans thing “right”.  This all happens at a pace and in a way that feels right to you.

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Trans teens
Being a teenager is hard enough; it’s probably the most awkward, self conscious time of your life, filled with peer pressures, stress at school, and being embarrassed and anxious about ALL THE THINGS (Yes, I still vividly remember being a teenager). Add in gender questioning, or thinking of transitioning at this point in your life, and it’s even more overwhelming. Maybe you have no idea what your gender is, you just know that you feel different from your friends.  Maybe you know full well that you identify as trans, but you’re scared to tell any of your friends of family.  Maybe you’re out as trans to your friends and family, but your parents/caretakers don’t really get it, and so they’re not yet on board with you taking steps to transition.  Either way, I’m here to help.  I can help you gain clarity on where and how you want to express your gender identity, figure out how to navigate the ick that comes up when you start socially or medically transitioning, and provide information and support for your parents so they can better understand your gender identity and what transitioning means to you. If you and your parents/caretakers are all in agreement that it’s the right time to start medically transitioning, I can provide referrals for consultations with doctors for hormones or puberty blockers.

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Your partner has come out to you as transgender, and you’re trying to wrap your head around what this means; for you, for your relationship, for your family.  You love your partner so much, but you’re honestly not sure how or if the two of you can navigate this change together. Depending on the types of people in your life, you may be really struggling to tell ANYONE about this, because you don’t know how they’ll react.  Or, maybe you know for sure that they’ll give you unsolicited advice, when you just need a space to vent your thoughts and feelings, and make sense of it all.  If this sounds like you, I offer two avenues of support; individual therapy, and a free monthly support group, the SPOT.  If you’re interested in joining the SPOT, please call or email me to register.

Your child has told you they’re identifying as transgender, or gender questioning.  All the parenting books in the world, all the websites did NOT prepare you for this.  You love your kid, of course, but you have no idea how to handle all this. Maybe you’re totally not feeling ok with any of this; you don’t agree or approve of this at all.  You’re probably not feeling comfortable talking to friends or family about this, because who knows what kind of conversation that’ll be? Or, maybe you can’t talk with anyone yet, because your child has asked you to not out them to anyone else.  You know about support groups, like PFLAG, but WHAT IF you run into someone you know there? How will you possibly explain? Or maybe you just don’t like the idea of going to a group, but, you need support.  That’s where I can come in; to provide confidential individual therapy, or therapy with you and your child’s other parent/caretaker, to help you figure out how to navigate all this.

About You and Me

I believe that when people live in their true identities, they come alive and inspire others to do the same. Because of that, I’ve created Transitions Therapy LLC from a mission to help people to uncover and author their identities, in an inviting and affirming environment.

Let’s face it; the thought of therapy can be scary. Maybe you’re feeling certain that it is. Thoughts and feelings have been running through your mind that seem too difficult to share with people in your personal life. You’re struggling to understand an inner experience that’s vastly different from what others know or expect of you, and you’re hoping that talking to a complete stranger will help you sort it out.

I get it. Really, I do.

I could list off all my credentials, my training and my experience here, but I intentionally don’t do that on this site. Because I believe wholeheartedly that when people are hurting, they’re looking at a therapist’s website to get a sense of whether or not that person understands their pain; not some detailed listing of someone’s credentials, professional memberships or education, or acronyms that describe what therapy they do.

Suffice it to say, I have substantial experience and specialized training in serving the transgender community and their loved ones because I’m dedicated to helping people to author their unique identities. I’m also passionate about creating more trans-affirming clinical spaces, which is why I’ve started trainings for mental health professionals this year. Check out my specialties page for more info on the types of support I provide.

If you’d like more specific information about my experience, please feel free to ask during our consultation call.

Location and Hours


222 McKee St, 2nd floor
Manchester, CT 06040
Phone: (860) 884-8372

Hours :
Mon, Tues, Wed 10am-5pm
Thurs 12pm-8pm

Park and enter at the rear of the building.
There are unisex/gender neutral bathrooms on the 2nd floor.